Clean Energy Finance. Clean Energy Policy. Proven results. Decades of Experience.

– What We Do –

Harcourt Brown & Carey (HB&C) is a national consulting firm that specializes in clean energy finance.  Founded in 2008, our client list includes states, local governments, the federal government, utilities, financial institutions, businesses and non-profits.  We provide independent advisory services at the intersection of policy and commerce, bringing to our clients an unparalleled understanding of what works in the marketplace.  HB&C can do this because our principals have real world experience with designing, negotiating, and operating under a wide range of clean energy financing programs and because we have a deep understanding of the policy and regulatory framework for clean energy.  We know what works in the marketplace and we know how to design policies, programs and regulatory frameworks for that market.

Core Strengths Include:

  •  Leveraged Structures to Incorporate Private Capital
  •  Depth Across Real Estate Sectors
  •  Integration with Existing Utility, DSM, Efficiency Programs
  • Experience with Underserved Populations
  • Experience with Multiple Utility Types
  • Experience with Broad Scope of Projects Including both Renewable Generation & Energy Efficiency

– What We've Done –

– The Latest –

The Untold Story of MUSH Markets

If you’ve worked in the energy efficiency space long enough, you’ve likely heard someone using the term “MUSH market”. First, it’s important to realize that this is not in reference to the baby food or oatmeal markets. MUSH is an acronym that stands for Municipal, University, School and Hospital. Additionally, it would be impossible to […]


Harcourt Brown & Carey Team Sets Sail in Hyannis

The HB&C team recently got together in Hyannis, Massachusetts to brainstorm, bond, and generally chart out our company’s future.   Being that HB&C has doubled in size in 2014, going from two employees to four, some time to stop and think about our past, present and future was in order. In addition to analyzing our strengths and […]


111d Proposed Emissions Reductions From Electricity Sector a Big Opportunity

The 111d emissions reductions plan recently proposed by the Obama Administration provide a level of opportunity for energy efficiency and renewable investment and job creation that we have not seen since the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act.  Here we’ll focus on EE and RE, given that is our firm’s core business. 111d requires a national […]